Friday, November 13, 2009

Knit dress exploration....

We hv a subject called Draping in which v basically drape d fabric on a body form n make d fabric by jus pinning it along with d proper markings. After dat comes d stitching part....
Bt usually v don really hv 2 stitch d garment... Jus hv 2 pin it n show on d body form
D fit n d neatness of d work are wot mainly matters.

And dis is a dress i made in dis class yestday, using the knitted Jersey fabric. In addition 2 dat, i've used georgette dupatta as well..... Well d duppatta's story goes like dis....
We wer supposed 2 make an variation dress using d knitted fabric n since ma fabric was black, its hard 2 make any surface ornamentation done on it noticable unless its done wid a lighter color. N i din hv ne other fabric or nethin 2 make it look betta rather dan a plain garment.
Den i thot of trying ma dupatta wich i had worn 2 class dat day. N dat jus luked perfect, not 2 mention dat B&W z ma all time fvrt combi.
We wer supposed 2 make dis in 3 hrs n i cudnt afford 2 spend more time on thinking of a betta fabric n evn if i found 1, ma'am wudn't let us go outta d class until d break 2 get it. So i thot of manipulating d available resources 2 d core. :D

And den as d urface design, i made some bubble effect using marbles wich i had bought long bak. And evry1 loved it... :)

While buying d packet of dose marbles for 30 bucks, i had thot dat it cud b used in some display or smthin like dat 4 d decoration, wich i neva did. Den as i started thinkin dat it was nothin bt a waste of money, dis idea clicked in ma mind.... :)
M still not an outstanding student in ma class, bt frm dis i realized dat ma creativity hasnt died yet. Some residue is still der scattered down deep inside me. I jus hv 2 gather 'em 2gather n start makin d most outta it rather dan being a beezle bum!!!

2day ma'am evaluated d garment n i got d 2nd highest in d class. 8 1/2 on 10. D highest is 9 on 10. Sooo..... not a bad job i guess..... :))

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