Friday, October 23, 2009

Some of ma FID works of dis Sem

FID (Fashion Illustration & Design) is a subject we r being taught in our coll
Its all abt hw 2 draw human poses, garments, accessories n all.....
I used 2 hate dat sub... bt dese days it has a lil lighten up 4 me
So its fine.... Finally i've started finding it intersting
So here r some of ma recent work in dat subject

NY Boulevards

Its ma initial moodboard 4 Kids collection assignment
The theme was NY Boulevards.....
Its all abt d street culture in New York City... D most happening place on earth!!
I wanted 2 focus on d cool Hip-Hop culture n Graffiti, wich has always fascinated me..
Bt ma'am was like its a bit too much 4 a Kids collection
K fine.... Den made yet noder moodboard wid jus a lil bit changes in ma concept n showed her
It was like giving d same old stuff in a new bottle
N guess wot?? She loved it!!! :D

Harum - Scarum!!!

So dis z ma final Kids Wear Collection Moodboard..... Harum-Scarum!!!
Its a phrase wich is used 4 reckless n careless attitude
Its abt d whole boyish look.... Tom boy n all u c.....
N d rest r all d same..... Street wear wid elements of Hip-Hop n Graffiti....
N its Winter Collection

Ma Client Board

Its ma Client Borad 4 dis Harum-Scarum collection
M targeting d preteens, of both gender
4 d fun loving n carefree ppl.....

Ma Style Board

A style board is basically dat says d basic styles used in d collection
Like d main features n all.....
Since its a Winter collection, Jackets r an inevitable piece of garment
Hoodies, 'T's n Jeans r d highlights

The Trims n Prints Board
This is where v show all dose trims, accessories n all gonna b used
Basically d things gonna b used as adorn d surface of d garment
Cute badges r gonna look super cool here
N den Hip-Hop style caps too.........
As for prints, dats where d graffiti z gonna show up
Typography was always ma favrt....
N d classic checks cnt b 4gotten....

Dis was ma rough sketch 4 d Boys' garments
Alas i cudnt find ma fair work
Its somwer der in ma totally messy room
Finding it frm dat'll cost me a hell lotta time.... So lets jus satisfy wid ma rough work nw

I've neva really drawn guys.... So wasnt dat sure abt dis while i started wid dis theme
Bt i tuk a chance.... I think it was worth it
It mite not b too gud.... Bt not dat bad also....
Well dats wot i think
The Preteen Divas
Dis was jus noder class work
V wer supposed 2 make illustrations of kids of ne age grp
Since i had a prob wid drawing lil kids, I thot of d eldest of d Kids category

D illustrations is kinda k... Bt i hate d dresses i've drawn
Dats a total yakkk.... I mst admit
Well i wasnt in a gud mood @ all while drawing it
A gud mood is really necessary 4 me 2 giv a quality work

Ma Mid Term exam work
It was a 2 Hrs paper...
We wer supposed make a kids wear collection inspired by d trends forcasted 4 Spring/Summer 2010 with 2 illustrations, fabric swatches
Along wid a brief discription abt d theme chosen n d whole collection

Ma Illustration 4 d 'Munchkin Romance' Collection
Dis z not exactly d 1 i had submitted.....
Its wid ma'am
Dis z jus noder copy i made 2 show ma family
So der r a lil changes here n der....
4 d xam i had made a winter collection, bt here its a spring summer collection
Well no much differences hv been made in dis....
Jus dat i've changed d color palette

Munchkin Romance
Munckin means nothin bt kids only.... Its a Kiddy romance!!! Dat was ma theme
Its a spring/summer casual wear collection 4 kids of d age grp 8-12
Jersey n Denim r d mainly used fabrics along wid cotton

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