Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A drop of tear to a broad shinning smile!!! :)

" Often v get irritated of some of our 'chatter box' frds...
Bt u'll neva realize hw much a person 2 whom v can talk 2..... hu'd listen wot u hv 2 say....really means, until u r left all alone!!! "

2day mng itself v had Draping... Malini D's session!!!
She always makes ma knee caps both wrestle
Her jus 1 stare z enof 2 make d whole class shiver
Dats Malini !!!
Bt i lyk her... Al though she scares me a gr8 deal, i shud admit dat she's a really gud n able teacher
N do hv gr8 respect 4 her

2day u kno wot happened??
V wer supposed 2 bring brown sheet 2 d class n i 4got (nothin new abt dat)
Den gathering all ma strenghth i went 2 her n said d prob n asked d permission 2 go n get it frm ma room
She was lyk "I cnt help it !!" Not really angry, bt yeah... maintaing her usual serious tone
Well she din really want 2 scold me 4 a such a silly thing
Bt cudnt giv an excuse jus 2 me.... Der wer quite a few ppl hu hadnt brought it
No matter hw many times she has scolded me, i kno she do hv a sorta compassion 4 me
May b seein ma pathetic situation :P
After a while she only asked d rest of d class n got me a piece of sheet wich sm1 had as xtra
Still ma mood got off :(

I kno m being silly..... May b 'Over sensitive' wud suit here betta.
I cudnt stop thinkin abt it during d class
D more i thot abt it, d more i got depressed
It wasnt abt ma'am scoldin me @ al.....
Things so happened dat...... ummmmmm..... errrr..... I felt all alone!!!
Wid not a single soul 2 care abt me n a few hu secretly rejoiced seein wot I was goin thru
It really hurts!!!
Dis z wot i had written in d beginning in d red letters all abt!!
I had 2 try so hard 2 blink bak dose tears dat wer tryin 2 escape ma eye lids
N evn mor hard 2 wear a smile n act cool while facing ma classmates
Cathy was keepin on askin 4 dis n dat
And I cud hardly manage bringing ma voice out :(
Bt b4 d 1st break itself i was bak 2 normal luckily.

>> Den Brunch
>> Bak 2 Drapin
>> Lunch Brk
>> AOT (Appreciation of Textiles), a dumb subject
>> Again a brk
>> FID (Fashion Illustration & Design), Fatima n her Bina Abling... Ufff!!!
>> Yet noder brk (had a chaat frm canteen)
>> Bak 2 FID
>> Bak 2 room...... Finally!!!

I was so eager 2 write 2day's blog
N den as usual, i came n opened orkut n FB
Lotsa frds online......
Weneva i think of not chattin, all ma frds seems 2 find a particular interest in comin online
N i easily giv in too...
N lyk always m writin dis blog late nite :P

2day after a few days' gap, ma frd Anson was online, hum i call 'Thotti' (Coz he's too lean n tall... 6" i guess)
He had lost his wallet along wid his debit card n coll ID n 5000 bucks 2 days back
So he was a bit downcast abt dat
Well i kno xactly hw dat feels... Coz i too hv been thru d same situation
It tuk abt a week 4 me 2 get over it
I was feelin so guilty 4 makin ma mom's hardwork go 4 nothin.... 2 some filthy jerk's hands, jus bcoz of ma carelessness :(
I had cried so bitterly dat day
Dat week was 1 of d WORST weeks i evr had 2 go thru due 2 som other reasons as well
N @ dat time i din hav ne1 wid hum i cud share all dese
Ans was in Kerala dat time
Apart frm ma sissy, he z ma only buddy 2 whom i share ma evry lil happinez n probs...ummm well...almost all
Smtimes i'll hv 2 censor a few part... Bt its k

So dis z d whole point.....
I kno hw it feels wen u don hv anyone 2 pour out all ur griefs n frustrations
So jus lent him some of ma time
Well i did try 2 make him feel betta.... Donno hw far i've succeded in dat,
Bt still.... @least i tried....
Hmmm.... Rite nw he's online in Mesngr....
Wot d hell z he doin der so late neways???
Watevaaa..... Nona ma bussinez!!!
I myself is a nite owl n commentin on others.... hmmm
Chalo... lets call it a day nw

Finally as concludin, lemme tell ya guys....
(In case som insane person z mad enof 2 read ma crazy posts.....)
Do try bein a lil sensitive 2 dose hu r goin thru some rough time
Try 2 b compassionate rather dan turning ur bak on 'em
Giv a shoulder 2 cry on.... a lil time 2 comfort 'em
Trust me... It'll feel lyk heaven 2 dat person
Plzzz don miss a chance 2 make som1 happy
Hu knos.... It may happen 2 u as well !!
Put urself in deir shoes n think.... U'll kno jus wot u hv 2 do :)

"Treat others d way u want urselves 2 b treated"


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  1. Well i still Don think dat God's bak frm d hol yet!! ;)


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