Sunday, August 16, 2009

God seems 2 b on a vacation.... ;)

Its been a really nice day.... While lukin over all........ its been a pleasant n nice week
I donno after all wots wrong wid Mr. Goddy...
He's supposed 2 bring some kinda twist in ma lyf weneva smthin z abt 2 get rite
Bt one whole week passed off smoothly
N i find myself happy..... :)
May b he's on a holiday... :P

Sad 2morro z monday....
All ma sunday nites r gloomy jus bcoz of dis bloody monday
I don remeb a single day i hv waited 4 monday 2 come
Friday was always ma fvrt day wid 2 holidays ahead

Wot d hell m i goin on babbling??
Well d thing z, m not really used 2 dis whole blogging stuff
So... a bit confused
Bt rite nw i feel lyk keepin on writing watever comes 2 ma mind

M watchin d video "I got a feeling" by Black Eyed Peas nw
2day only ma frd Sumi gave dis song.
So jus checkin it out
2day u kno wot i did d whole day??
Was sleepin most of d time....
Went 2 ma LG's place n der also.... Zzzzzzz.....
Some sleepy ghost seems 2 be entered ma body
N m yawning nw..... Hwaaaaa.......!!!!!!
N hu's dis giving me missd calls @ dis hr??
Lemme go check
Hmmmm.... Sajithoottan.... Jus lyk i guessed
Well he's Sajith Abraham... Ma schoolmate
A gr8 buddy.....
He gives all his frds missd b4 he goes 2 bed
Dats our style of wishin gunnite :)
I miss 'em all....... dose gud old days....
Sad dat i cnt get 'em bak again.......
I used 2 hate dose days... ma skool.....
Bt nw..... m yearning 2 go bak n relive dose beautiful moments
Ma mom was rite.... Skool days wer indeed d golden days of lyf
Bt lyk evry1 else i was interested in gettin outta d shell n get 2 d coll
All dose memories.... Not really in sepia.... Bt sure is nostalgia!!!


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