Monday, August 17, 2009

One fine day...... :)

Was an ok-ok kinda day
Nothin really happened wich was worthy 2 b mentioned
Jus an uneventful day.....
Still it wasnt borin....
One Fine Day...!!!

Well i was pretty excited abt ma new blog al day
Was waiting 2 get bak 2 ma room n start pouring out in here
Bt wot?? I still donno.......
U guys wud hv neva met any1 as confused as i am
All ma lyf, dats wot i was..... "Confused"!!!

Unusually it was raining by d afternoon....
Hyd isnt really a fvrt place for monsoon
I hv hardly seen it raining here
Jus a lil bit of drizzling... Dats all
May b its bcoz of dat climatic change in Vizag
I stil donno wots dat all abt
Well i had overheard som of ma classmates saying abt some minor tremors in Vizag recently
Al though i had googled it, i din c nethin as such
Well din really luk 4 it dat keenly
Jus searched once n den gave up
Neway m not @ all interested in nethin happening in Vizag or anywer

M a person hu's least interested in ne affairs other dan dose wich r related 2 me
Its not lyk i don care 4 others or nethin lyk dat
Its jus dat m too careless... Well frankly speakin, in ma own matters itself, i hardly show d maturity a 19 yr old z supposed 2 hav!!!
Ma mom always tells me 2 change dat attitude.... dat it'd always lead me 2 trouble
I totally agree 2 wot she said...
Ummm.... After all dese dumb things i hv done so far..... som of wich hv made me pay quite heavily.... I'll hv 2 agree 2 dat
I really do wanna change dis
Bt i jus cant help it :(
Hope Mr. Goddy put in som effort 2 make things betta... sighhhhhh....
Thnk God, ma sissy isnt lyk me :)

Offooo..... All dese regrets n negativityyyy
I guess time 2 change d topic
Hmmm....... Its still raining out der
I hate rain.... (Despite d fact dat i hv joined in a comm named "I love to walk in rain" in orkut).
Well i do feel lyk walkin n smtimes evn dancing in d rain
Bt very occasionally....
M actually frm the so called God's Own Country, where v get ample downpour
N evry monsoon gifts me @least a nasty cold wich wud last 4 minimum a month
All d time sneezing, kich-kich n d worst part......running nose!!! Aggrrrrrrr :x
N wen v get out.... all dose dirty puddles...mud...n moisture drenches u
M a person hu likes 2 walk (if i hv a company)
Bt in d monsoon season...... don evn think abt it
U can keep jumping over puddle left-right-left makin sure u reaches ur destination spic n span
Bt d vehicles passing by'll neva miss deir target 'aka' YoU!!! :P
Nw m a bit exaggerating ;)

Chalo aaj ke liye yeh hi kafi hai....
Hv started yawning again... Hwaaaaahhh!!!
Hope 2morro it wnt b cloudy
Well its k bein cloudy, bt i don wanna c it raining again
If its so necessary, Goddyyy.... make it a simple drizzle k
Chalo den.... i bid bye hoping 4 a sunny day!!! :)

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