Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Love Aaj Kal'

Was watchin d movie ' Love Aaj Kal '
Not as gud as 'Jab we Met', bt was ok-ok...
Was tryin 2 relate things all thru d movie....
Wen did i evn start relating things wid ma lyf???
Wel it was kinda fun :)
So much Confusion.... Frustration.........
Hopin 4 a Happy Ending!!!
Crappppp....... Idiottttttt!!!! :P

Hey 4got tell ya...
2day 4 d 1st time in ma lyf, i tasted Budweiser Feny
Feny wid sprite!!!
I neva had nethin frm d alcohol family....
Other dan home made wine n wen i was a kid, toddy too.... Dat was jus 4 once k
Bt i like both....
Dis Feny was also smwot like d wine....
Bt i was finding a bit difficult finishin one glass... Bt it was k
Actually i wanted 2 taste Vodka....
N i had had this thinkin it was Vodka only
Nw dat m havin it 4 d 1st time, hw'd i distinguish eachother!!
So neways... in short... I had a glass of Feny!!! Dats it!!!

Ohh God!!! Jus nw a thunder struck....
Soooo loudd....
I don really rememb d last time i heard a thunder in hyd
Was it last yr?? Or may b in d beginning of dis yr???
Wot rubbish m i talkin?? N 2 whom??
Dis Dumb screen dat jus stares bak @ me??
Neway no1 z gonna read all dese shit-stuff
So.. kya farak padta hai???
Yet noder feather 2 ma 'Daily Craps'!!!
Lolzzz...... Lolzzzzz..... :D


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